Friday, July 14, 2017

Dear all,

I feel really quiet today but I am going to do my best to write this email. :)

My new companion is from South Jordan, Utah.  

Miracles we saw this week: 
1. We were in Fort Valley on Tuesday and the appointment we had fell through. As we drove to our backup plan, I just felt really strongly that we needed to stop on this one street and get out of the car and talk to whoever was there. We met some awesome people who we have appointments with next week! Even better, we knocked on this one door and found a lady R. About 6 weeks ago we had met her while knocking in a different neighborhood.She  works doing like.. In-home care so she wasn't at her own home when we initially found her and couldn't talk much. We found her on Thursday at HER house. We got to share a little bit about the Restoration and she invited us to come back. How cool is that?
2. On Sunday night we went to eat dinner at Mama's home. As soon as we got there she called up her grandson and his girlfriend and there 2 kids to come over and eat, too.We had met them before they had wanted to study with us but we hadn't been about to see them in a few weeks. They came right over once mama called them and we were able to teach the restoration of the gospel. Honestly, I have never heard of more prepared people.  As we talked about Joseph Smith, they immediately connected with the story, knowing that they felt the same way Joseph did and believing that God would help them to find truth. They soaked up everything we taught, asking so many questions, honestly hungering after the truth and after God's will. They asked where the church was and what they could do to learn more and I just.. don't have sufficient words to describe to you the feeling in that home as we taught. We introduced to them the Book of Mormon and before we could invite them to read and pray about it, they had said they would read from it every night together. We invited them to be baptized and they immediately accepted, so eager to do what is right.We will be able to have lessons with them every Tuesday and Thursday! Sister O and I are so excited and they are so excited and it's amazing to me how God works to put those who are seeking the fullness of the gospel in our path.

Perry is amazing. Being a missionary is amazing. I see the Lord's hand every single in day - this is His work. Things are picking up here and our teaching pool is growing and before we know it Perry will need two sets of missionaries! High expectations + High love = successful missionaries.

Also, I feel like something changed in me when I became a trainer and I am just.. so incredibly focused on the work and on our investigators and I finally feel really adjusted to missionary life and that's such a huge blessing.

It has been raining a lot this week but we just bring rain coats and umbrellas and pray for safety and it all works out. Plus humidity is.. fun? Yeah, that's the word. ;)

Also there are fireflies everywhere which is so I love them.

Have a fantastic 4th of July which we all know is the best holiday ever!!! 

Sister Gore

New companion

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